Affiliate traffic

Affiliates provide traffic to theĀ online gambling industry in many ways. TheĀ most common route is through websites that generate traffic from Google searches.

GGGG set up OnlineCasinoMonsters with that purpose in mind. Having focused on producing quality content, with over 1 million unique words on our site, we have been steadily climbing up the Google ranks. Today we provide quality traffic for the industry, representing over 100 brands of casino, sportsbook and lotto on the site. We are complementing this service by offering a range of relevant industry news, info and updates, with new content published daily.

OnlineCasinoMonsters has also been testing alternative traffic sources: for example our TV campaigns in Norway; and digital marketing with We will continue to pioneer other sources of traffic in the future.

We launched this summer 2017, with the same aim: to be a valuable source of quality traffic for the online gambling industry.

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